Planning Checklist
Wedding Plan

Wedding Planning Checklist

Now that there is a ring on your finger, you need to get ready for the wedding, and you might have dreamed of a fairy tale wedding but do not know where to start. Do not freak out. We have some tricks for you to help you get started.

Make the announcement

So give the good news to your parents, close friends before telling anyone. Try telling them in person, but if they live far from you make a special phone call and tell them the good news.

Delve into dreams

wedding venue

Now sit down your fiancé and brainstorm ideas. Think about the styles you need in your wedding, if it is going to a beach bash, sit down dinner, ceremony on a mountain top.

Try figuring out the timing

It is a good idea to know what month of the year you want to get married or the season you want to get married in, this gets things started and organised.Your wedding size will determine where you want to hold the party and how much it will cost, will travelling be involved, creating a guest list accordingly. Now make the guest list from both the sides just know the average number of guest.

Now talk money

Now figure out the bill, who will pay for what and if parents will be involved in paying for the wedding or all the bills will cut from the bride or the grooms’ bank.

Get organised

Now in a notebook, try separating each section into budget categories. This way, you will know exactly how much you have spent on the items. If the costs exceed your limits, you can figure out an easy way to cut cost.

Who and where about the ceremony

about the ceremony

Find an officiant who is willing to officiate your wedding. The ceremony can be simple if you wish to marry in your home town. You can ask your family for help with booking the place for you. If not try to choose a place that is in between your parents’ place and your place. If it is a destination wedding, make sure that everyone is willing to join you and your groom and can afford the travel cost.

The reception venue

Try to bring your wedding dreams into reality. If you cannot plan an outdoor wedding, you can try to book a hotel with a pretty courtyard that would suit your dream.


Browse through various sites and look for what kind of invitation you envisioned for your wedding. Also, try designing your own wedding invitation as it will help you put your ideas in proper works.