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Different Wedding Tradition Around The World

Weddings are celebrated everywhere, and different regions have their own traditional way of celebrating weddings as it ensures that the bride and the groom have a long-lasting relationship. Many traditions might seem unusual as these tradition does not involve throwing the bouquet or cutting the cake. Some unusual wedding tradition around the world include:


In China, the Yugur culture has a bizarre tradition of shooting the future bride with a bow and an arrow without the arrowhead three time and then the groom proceeds to break the arrow. This tradition is believed to bring love and prosperity and also ensures that the couple stays in love forever.



In Mauritania, young girls aged five to fifteen are sent to a farm where they are force fed to gain pounds. If the bride has the fat, stretch marks and the heavy thighs, it means that the husband is wealthy enough to keep her satisfied. It is an unhealthy practice, but the tradition makes believe that it is all worth it to the Mauritania people.


In Scotland, the brides to be are taken by surprise and then are shot with rubbish things such as curdled milk, dead fish, spoiled foods etc. She is then tied to a tree and then taken for a night of drinking with her friends. The belief is that this kind of treatment will prepare her for what may come her way in a marriage.

tied to a tree


Tujia Brides start to cry every day for a month before the wedding. After the first ten days the brides’ mother joins in with her to cry, then her grandmother joins in. According to Tujia people, this is an expression of joy as the women cry in different tones.


In Korean tradition, the groom has his feet beaten with a fish or a cane before his first night as this is said to be the true test of his strength and his character.

feet beaten


Certain parts of India women who are born under the astrological combination on Saturn and mars on the same house, i.e. 7th are called ‘Mangliks’. They are apparently cursed and will bring an early death to there husbands. In order to counter this, the women will have to marry a tree and then cut the tree to break the curse.


In Germany, guests bring in any type of porcelain except for glass and then they are supposed to smash them in the belief that this would ward off evil spirits. Then the couple cleans the mess together in order to learn that married life is not easy, and they would have to work together to overcome any challenges they may face.