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It only seems like yesterday we were introduced to all the speakers, but it is already the end of the week! Looking at the amount of information and experiences we had, it is going to take a few days if not weeks to sink in and even then we’ll be looking back at our notes and finding gems.

Today the attendees who were part of the editors challenge finally found out the winners. The standard of the edits this year was amazing, even just seeing the improvements from last year has been huge and the four international judges were quite blown away. They even had Konrad in suspense when he was watching them, as they used his footage for the challenge and for a few moments he thought they would out-do his original SDE edit, so you can imagine the quality of the edits! Most SDE editors usually have more then two hours and a familiarity with the footage, so it’s amazing what all of the editors pulled off.

So lets look at our finalist; coming in third Glen Mackay walked away with a DP SLIDER, then all the way from Jakarta we have Yosep Sugiarto coming in second and taking home the COBRA CRANE supplied by PROTOG. Now for the drum roll, the clear winner as agreed by all the judges was Aaron Kamp, who walked away with a 5D mark ii thanks to CANON.

The high continued with an emotional thank you by Rochelle Morris who was surprised with a presentation of a bouquet of flowers for the effort she put in, which she so much deserved as without her EDU would have never happened. Her dedication to the event and passion has been inspiring.

To create a little bit of nostalgia, the EDU highlight that Peter Szilveszter worked on overnight was played to a captivated audience. We have a sequel to last year, as it seems to have become tradition to feature Konrad’s shenanigans, check it out in the video below.

So all this happened in the morning but we still had a full day of presentations, although no commando rolls by Matt Davis as he introduced our substitute Jason Magbanua, hilariously impersonated by Alfio Stuto, who had the crowd in tears. After that is was time to get serious and Matt got cracking about overcoming objections, especially when it comes to those dreaded phone conversations.

Since we had a talent of an impersonator, Konrad v2 (Alfio) opened with some great “Konradisms” but nothing beats the original. Konrad showed the crowd how its done, talking to us about techniques on how he shoots on the day, show us the art of shooting sequences and talk about how he pushes himself to get the amazing shots.

Even though the event was nearing its wrap up, everyone was still 100% focused to finish off with Abraham Joffe, who gave great insights into lens choices and shooting workflows of the day. I am sure after his presentation many of the attendees were adding more things to their shopping list!

Finally it was the end of another super successful event. All attendees were psyched and armed with an arsenal of new knowledge. It will be great to see this new knowledge being applied within their businesses as we collectively continue the changes in the industry.

We have to say thanks to all of the speakers and the attendees who helped make this such an amazing event. The beauty of this conference is that we are all able to make strong connections and nurture this industry, especially at its infancy. With this new wave of EDU wedding cinematographers, this industry will continue to grow in leaps and bounds.

Thank you for reading our daily blog and see you all again next year!!


  1. What a fantastic group of people responsible for this event. I shall definately want to be a part of future events. regards, Peter. Main Event Professionals.

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