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A Brides Guide: Get Ready On Your Big Day

The day of the wedding is the most awaited day in the life of any girl. You might have dreamed of this day to be perfect. But have you ever taught what goes into getting ready on the morning of your wedding? This is the part of the ceremony with a lot of fun and emotions but does not forget to plan your day. We have gathered some tips to help you with the process.

Getting Ready Space

Ready Space

The morning of your wedding is very chaotic, and with so much commotion it will become quite overwhelming. Some options you can explore for the morning of your big day.


The main reason why brides prefer their home first is that the comfort of your home is more relaxing than sitting in a saloon. You do not need to travel with all the accessories with you, and everyone gets dressed in the same area. The photographer can also capture some candid moments while you are at it.


Hotel rooms or bridal Suites are usually decorated beautifully with silk robes, and also there is room service. Although the hotel rooms are quite expensive, they give you a lot of time and space to get ready.


decorated beautifully

You have a lot of stylists at your hand to work with your specific choice of stylist. A saloon is a very busy place to get ready and also you will mostly have to adhere to specific timing.

Tips for the calm wedding morning

Lay out your accessories the night before Laying out all your shoes, dress, jewellery the night before is a good idea as you don’t want everyone running to find your veil.

Get your good nights sleep

It is a little difficult to sleep before your wedding night but sleeping the night before helps you glow. Try warm drinking milk, using essential oils help you calm down.


With all the nervousness and emotions, you may find that your appetite is gone. It is very important you stay hydrated and eat well before you don’t want to fall unconscious on your wedding day. Also drinking water helps your skin glow from inside out.

Calming Fragrance

Calming Fragrance

While getting dressed, make sure that you light your favourite candle to ensure that your olfactory senses are activated which also helps you remember this special day every time you feel smell a similar scent.

A few accessories you may require

A wooden Bride hanger to help you keep everything neat and tidy

A ring Box to keep your wedding rings in place

A glass Trinket box makes for a great getting ready photo op

Garter with crystals, beads, etc. will bring elegance to any traditional dress.