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The Human Faces of EDU

December 10, 2013 |

We recently asked some previous attendees to describe how Exposed Down Under has helped their businesses.

Is EDU worthwhile?  Read their answers here.



I always walk away from EDU being inspired and ready to implement new ideas from the countless discussions I’ve had and from what the presenters have put forth. Meeting new people has allowed me the opportunity to collaborate and of course to make new friends.

Geoff Schatzel – Motion Art




In two years (and two EDU’s), our business has gone from doing one camera ceremonies for a measly $200, to three camera all-day shoots for around $4000.

Bernice Simpson – All Your Memories





The main impact on me personally was meeting so many film Guys and Girls with all the same issues we have, and being accepted into a really cool and fun community. My business was impacted by letting me move to the next level.


Colin Pett – Mod Films


Bookings Now Open for EDU 2014

September 26, 2013 |

Click on the image below or the ‘Book Now’ link above !

2014 Presenters

September 25, 2013 |


Rob Adams

Rob Adams Films

Rob Adams began his video career in television over 15 years ago. Four years after that he merged into the wedding industry and eventually started his own business in 2006.

From correctly white-balancing in camera to create mood, to color-grading in the edit…from blocking your cameras to capture the best action to multi-camming in Final Cut, it’s all about the details. If you have the motivation and the eye, Rob can give you the rest of the tools.


Abraham Joffe

Untitled Film Works

Abraham is an award-winning cinematographer and is regarded as one of Australia’s top DSLR filmmakers. He has a great passion for storytelling and filmmaking in the real world. He is also an experienced underwater cameraman, with several documentary films to his credit.

Along with his commercial production, Abraham is a highly sought after wedding cinematographer, speaker and educator. He regularly travels interstate and internationally.




Matt & Katie Ebenezer

Matt & Katie Photographers

Matt & Katie are a genuine, fun spirited, playful, crazy-in-love husband and wife team that run a wildly successful international wedding photography based business in theirhometown of Toowoomba, Queensland.

Together, their photography business has taken them to several amazing places around the world such as Thailand, England, Greece, Italy, Canada and New Zealand.


Matthew Scott

MTS Films

In the past five years, Matthew has produced, shot and edited a variety of productions, including three Australian feature films.

An internationally accredited trainer for Grass Valley, Matthew has run various training and consulting classes for editors and filmmakers locally and internationally. 


David Watson

Strategy Point

Strategist David Watson is a 20+ year sales and marketing veteran that has worked across a diverse range of industries and businesses.

The launch of “Strategy Point” – a consultancy business that was specifically developed to conceive and deliver marketing and sales strategies for photographers and other creativeentities – provides clients with unique insights and an unparalleled perspective of photographic consumers, sales and marketing, and maximizing business opportunities.any. 


Wil Paredes

Saxon Cole Studios

Growing up with an avid appreciation for all things shiny and expensive, buying his first DSLR a decade ago was just one of the more expensive things to

store alongside Wil’s other non-wife approved purchases. It wasn’t until he shared some images he took at his cousin’s wedding back in 2004 – and seeing first hand their elated appreciation – that he first had his big light bulb moment: he was going to be a wedding photographer