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A Brides Guide: Get Ready On Your Big Day

Big Day

The day of the wedding is the most awaited day in the life of any girl. You might have dreamed of this day to be perfect. But have you ever taught what goes into getting ready on the morning of your wedding? This is the part of the ceremony with a lot of fun and emotions but does not forget to plan your day. We have gathered some tips to help you with the process.

Getting Ready Space

Ready Space

The morning of your wedding is very chaotic, and with so much commotion it will become quite overwhelming. Some options you can explore for the morning of your big day.


The main reason why brides prefer their home first is that the comfort of your home is more relaxing than sitting in a saloon. You do not need to travel with all the accessories with you, and everyone gets dressed in the same area. The photographer can also capture some candid moments while you are at it.


Hotel rooms or bridal Suites are usually decorated beautifully with silk robes, and also there is room service. Although the hotel rooms are quite expensive, they give you a lot of time and space to get ready.


decorated beautifully

You have a lot of stylists at your hand to work with your specific choice of stylist. A saloon is a very busy place to get ready and also you will mostly have to adhere to specific timing.

Tips for the calm wedding morning

Lay out your accessories the night before Laying out all your shoes, dress, jewellery the night before is a good idea as you don’t want everyone running to find your veil.

Get your good nights sleep

It is a little difficult to sleep before your wedding night but sleeping the night before helps you glow. Try warm drinking milk, using essential oils help you calm down.


With all the nervousness and emotions, you may find that your appetite is gone. It is very important you stay hydrated and eat well before you don’t want to fall unconscious on your wedding day. Also drinking water helps your skin glow from inside out.

Calming Fragrance

Calming Fragrance

While getting dressed, make sure that you light your favourite candle to ensure that your olfactory senses are activated which also helps you remember this special day every time you feel smell a similar scent.

A few accessories you may require

A wooden Bride hanger to help you keep everything neat and tidy

A ring Box to keep your wedding rings in place

A glass Trinket box makes for a great getting ready photo op

Garter with crystals, beads, etc. will bring elegance to any traditional dress.

Wedding Planning Checklist

Planning Checklist

Now that there is a ring on your finger, you need to get ready for the wedding, and you might have dreamed of a fairy tale wedding but do not know where to start. Do not freak out. We have some tricks for you to help you get started.

Make the announcement

So give the good news to your parents, close friends before telling anyone. Try telling them in person, but if they live far from you make a special phone call and tell them the good news.

Delve into dreams

wedding venue

Now sit down your fiancé and brainstorm ideas. Think about the styles you need in your wedding, if it is going to a beach bash, sit down dinner, ceremony on a mountain top.

Try figuring out the timing

It is a good idea to know what month of the year you want to get married or the season you want to get married in, this gets things started and organised.Your wedding size will determine where you want to hold the party and how much it will cost, will travelling be involved, creating a guest list accordingly. Now make the guest list from both the sides just know the average number of guest.

Now talk money

Now figure out the bill, who will pay for what and if parents will be involved in paying for the wedding or all the bills will cut from the bride or the grooms’ bank.

Get organised

Now in a notebook, try separating each section into budget categories. This way, you will know exactly how much you have spent on the items. If the costs exceed your limits, you can figure out an easy way to cut cost.

Who and where about the ceremony

about the ceremony

Find an officiant who is willing to officiate your wedding. The ceremony can be simple if you wish to marry in your home town. You can ask your family for help with booking the place for you. If not try to choose a place that is in between your parents’ place and your place. If it is a destination wedding, make sure that everyone is willing to join you and your groom and can afford the travel cost.

The reception venue

Try to bring your wedding dreams into reality. If you cannot plan an outdoor wedding, you can try to book a hotel with a pretty courtyard that would suit your dream.


Browse through various sites and look for what kind of invitation you envisioned for your wedding. Also, try designing your own wedding invitation as it will help you put your ideas in proper works.

Different Wedding Tradition Around The World

India women

Weddings are celebrated everywhere, and different regions have their own traditional way of celebrating weddings as it ensures that the bride and the groom have a long-lasting relationship. Many traditions might seem unusual as these tradition does not involve throwing the bouquet or cutting the cake. Some unusual wedding tradition around the world include:


In China, the Yugur culture has a bizarre tradition of shooting the future bride with a bow and an arrow without the arrowhead three time and then the groom proceeds to break the arrow. This tradition is believed to bring love and prosperity and also ensures that the couple stays in love forever.



In Mauritania, young girls aged five to fifteen are sent to a farm where they are force fed to gain pounds. If the bride has the fat, stretch marks and the heavy thighs, it means that the husband is wealthy enough to keep her satisfied. It is an unhealthy practice, but the tradition makes believe that it is all worth it to the Mauritania people.


In Scotland, the brides to be are taken by surprise and then are shot with rubbish things such as curdled milk, dead fish, spoiled foods etc. She is then tied to a tree and then taken for a night of drinking with her friends. The belief is that this kind of treatment will prepare her for what may come her way in a marriage.

tied to a tree


Tujia Brides start to cry every day for a month before the wedding. After the first ten days the brides’ mother joins in with her to cry, then her grandmother joins in. According to Tujia people, this is an expression of joy as the women cry in different tones.


In Korean tradition, the groom has his feet beaten with a fish or a cane before his first night as this is said to be the true test of his strength and his character.

feet beaten


Certain parts of India women who are born under the astrological combination on Saturn and mars on the same house, i.e. 7th are called ‘Mangliks’. They are apparently cursed and will bring an early death to there husbands. In order to counter this, the women will have to marry a tree and then cut the tree to break the curse.


In Germany, guests bring in any type of porcelain except for glass and then they are supposed to smash them in the belief that this would ward off evil spirits. Then the couple cleans the mess together in order to learn that married life is not easy, and they would have to work together to overcome any challenges they may face.

An Ultimate Guide: Wedding Dress Shopping

Dress Shopping

This is the moment you have been waiting for from your childhood to shop for your own wedding dress. This can be exciting as well as a daunting experience as you might have no clue from where to start. Do not worry we have gathered some tips for you

Do your research

As you begin your wedding dress shopping, you will notice that they are endless styles out that match your preference. Try to find the style that you think will match you better try looking at Bridal Fashion Week. Start early at least 8-6 weeks. Take your time looking for what you want. If you do not like something in the dress, you can customise it according to your preference.

Where to buy your dress

Bridal saloon

A traditional salon has a selection of dresses from different labels. A Bridal salon will have a dedicated stylish for every bride with an hour long appointment and no more than two brides at a time. Try sharing your vision and budget with your sales consultant as she can pull out the right dress for your unique preferences.

Trunk shows

Special events are an ideal way to approach the designer and see the entire collection and also promotions like 10% discount on gowns and accessories.


A second-hand gown will save you big bucks. Try a consignment boutique as they operate just like a traditional salon but will show you dresses which are worn once but with a 40-60% off retail.

Sample sales

Sample sales normally occur twice a year. You can get up to 90% off on retail, but only on sample size, they do not provide you with other facilities such as dressing rooms or sales staff, etc. Try bringing a few friends with you to help you grab the right dress from the rack also arrive first thing in the morning or the last hours when the merchandise is being restocked.


Buying your bridal gowns online is also a good idea as you can surf through all your dresses and also find a dress in your budget. Although you may miss out on the tailoring, you might still have to a little alteration.

Make your salon visit count

Book your visit in advance and come prepared

Try keeping an open mind while shopping for your dress

Look around and try to find a dress which is comfortable wearing

Try taking pics of your favourite dresses, and this will help you narrow down your options

Buy the one

Bridal gowns are made to order. After you have picked your dress give, the sales consultant your measurements. You will have to put down at least 50% as the deposit, and then rest after the dress is shipped to your home.

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